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How it Works

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You need a way for people to find you and be able to get in touch, see your body of work, and link to your socials – all in one place.

Sure, you could spend weeks making a DIY site. But wouldn’t you rather spend your free time working on your craft, building your network – literally anything other than banging your head against a wall trying to learn to use a clunky, frustrating platform to build your own site?

That’s where we come in. We’re artists too – a drummer and a writer, to be exact. You want to be spending time making art – and creating, gigging, making money and booking the job! Not spending hours learning to code a website.

What’s your time worth?

Outsource the busy work… so you can get back to getting booked.

Here's how it works...

1. Pick a package that looks right for you.

Not sure hwat to pick? Schedule a pow wow with a team member or shoot us an email to find out.

2. After you hit “purchase”, we’ll set up a call to find out about you, nail your branding, and get all your pictures, reels, resumes and more.

In addition to your design strategy call, you’ll receive a questionnaire and a dropbox link so you can tell us all about how you want to be seen, and share any media that might be appropriate for your new site.

3. You sit back, relax, and we get to work.

We get to building and, of course, we cover all the ongoing costs associated with your site, like your domain, hosting, security and more.

4. You'll give it the once-over.

Once your site is built, you’ll get to take a look – and make any changes you want!  We’ll make it perfectly you, so you look like the pro you are.

5. Update Anytime.

Unlimited updates are encouraged with your monthly membership, so if you book a job and want to add it to your resume, get new headshots, or want to make any other change to your website, just let us know and *poof!* it’s done for you.

Still have more questions?

Get in touch – we’ll schedule a chat to find out which options are the best for you & your brand.

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    No-Risk Guarantee:

    We Only Want Happy Customers.

    If your first design isn’t right for you, we’ll redo it so it is.   If you’re still not happy, you’ll get a full refund!   Plus, all our packages are monthly - if you ever decide to cancel, there’s no long-term contract to worry about.