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Frequently Asked Questions

        We take pride in helping people just like you engage with your audience across the web.
Why a monthly subscription?

First and foremost: we want to make beautiful, custom web portfolios accessible to artists like us.  That means our up-front cost to you is as low as possible, and we are able to cover the ongoing costs associated with running and managing a website because of our unique subscription system.  
You just put a website up and then it sits there, right?  We absolutely wish. With a RAD portfolio, we spend the man-hours so you’ll never know the agony of sitting on the phone with customer service while you try to figure out which update is causing your entire website to be formatted incorrectly, or why you can’t get those erectile dysfunction ads off your site because a spammer hid the code… somewhere… in the thousands of lines of code that make up your site.  You have a problem? You tell us, we fix it.


What About The Old “Disappearing Web Guy” Trick?

If you’ve ever had someone build a site for you before, you know the age-old story of, “I paid this friend-of-a-friend to build my site and when I tried to get him to fix my phone number/update my pictures/give me access to my site, he disappeared into the ether and I never heard from him again.”  It’s not your fault. We’re here to help, and our customer service is A+. In fact, we guarantee it! We promise that no matter what your issue is, someone who can fix it will be in touch within one business day.

What’s My Time Investment?

What is your time worth? Sure, you could spend a couple of weeks learning a new piece of software and hours upon hours calling customer service to figure out how to build a website on one of the DIY platforms. But is that the best use of your precious, limited time? Let us deal with the tech side, so you can Get Back To Getting Booked.

How Do I Get Started?

Once you click the Buy Now button, you’ll have the opportunity to send us some basic info.  Next, a RAD team member will contact you to set up a short, 30-minute interview. We’ll talk about what you like & what you need.  We’ll get your on-brand site started as you send us any additional graphics, pics or info you want on your site. Then we’ll set up a time to review your new site, make any changes necessary and launch your site!

Is Hosting Included?

RAD is your one-stop-shop. Your hosting, domain name, and other expenses are all included – that includes most updates and changes! No more dropping $25 anytime you want to update your headshots… we do it for free.

How Do I Make Updates To My Portfolio?

Easy! You can send us an email noting a change that’s needed, or use a Dropbox link for larger files. Need help? Just give us a call.

Can I Use My Own Domain?

Yep! If you already own your domain, you can also take it with you if you ever decide to cancel your subscription. If you don’t have one, we’ll provide one for you!

Just. Get. It. Done.

If you’re here, you’ve probably been saying to yourself for a couple months… or maybe years… that you need to get that new website done. Get it done. Sign up now and let us do the heavy lifting. Check it off your list. Then get brunch.

No-risk guarantee: We only want happy customers.
Get it Done - Right
If your first design isn’t right for you, we’ll redo it so it is. If you’re still not happy, you’ll get a full refund! Plus, all our packages are monthly - if you ever decide to cancel, there’s no long-term contract to worry about.  
Our artist-support guarantee: Have a tough month?
Get Back to Getting Booked
If your first design isn’t right for you, we’ll redo it so it is. If you’re still not happy, you’ll get a full refund! Plus, all our packages are monthly - if you ever decide to cancel, there’s no long-term contract to worry about.  
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Happy Clients

Custom Website Design
By Artists, for Artists
Take Fountain
$ 99/month

$599 Down

  • Best For Actors
  • All-inclusive Solo-Page Portfolio
  • One demo/reel & Bio
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Custom design
Sunset Strip
$ 199/month

$599 Down

  • Best for Bands & Comedians
  • Integrated Events Manager
  • Pro Photo Session for Custom Website Pics
  • Unlimited demos/reels
  • Integrated blog
Hollywood Hills
$ 599/month

$599 Down

  • Best For Lifestyle Sites & Breakout Artists
  • Unlimited Photo & Video Updates/month
  • Upgraded Audio or Video Player
  • E-commerce - Merch and Events
  • Autoresponder Integration
Muscle Beach
$ 1250/month

$599 Down

  • Best for Brick & Mortar Businesses
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google or Facebook Ad Management
  • Custom Drip Marketing Campaign
  • Quarterly Consulting Calls


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